Stuck between long public waiting lists and the high cost of knee replacement surgery?

We organise private knee surgery for half the price!

If you don't have health insurance, the cost of knee replacement in Australia is either your money or your time. As of 2016, a typical knee replacement costs $22,000-$28,000 (private) or 1-3 years wait (public). Thanks to over 20 global partners, we fly Australians without health insurance to low-cost private hospitals without waiting lists.

Does your situation
sound like any of the following?

Waiting for months with no
word on when you can see a

Stuck on the public list waiting for
your knee replacement surgery?

No private health insurance,
or your knee replacement
isn't covered?

Can't work or enjoy life without
constantly taking pain

Does your situation
sound like any of the following?

Waiting for months with no
word on when you can see a

Stuck on the public list waiting for
your knee replacement surgery?

No private health insurance,
or your knee replacement
isn't covered?

Can't work or enjoy life without
constantly taking pain

We can save you 50% on your knee replacement cost in a first-class hospital overseas,
and have you scheduled for surgery within as little as 2 weeks from today!

Why do Australians choose us?

Over 22,000 Australians travel for elective surgery every year, and we have a large team of medical travel experts - specialists, doctors, nurses and support staff - who have organised knee replacement surgery for hundreds of Australians and New Zealanders each year. With the ever-growing aging population in Australia and public waiting lists bulging at the seams, many Australian GP's refer their orthopaedic patients to us to discuss more suitable, affordable and faster options overseas.

Having spoken with hundreds of patients, each of our medical travel consultants understands your concerns about knee replacement surgery cost. Until we opened our doors, these high costs forced countless patients onto our already overburdened public healthcare system, to wait months and years for surgery.

Our medical network team have investigated the suitability of many popular healthcare destinations like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Turkey and Spain. In their assessment of overall hospital and surgeon quality, patient comforts and the cost of knee replacement surgery, nothing compares with the hospitals, surgeons and culture in Thailand. As a result...

...over 3 million patients visit Thailand every year from places like Europe, America, the Middle-East, Australia & New Zealand.


Our Thailand hospitals are more comfortable and modern than what you may be used to back home. Our patients are constantly surprised by how impressive these facilities are when they arrive!

So, how can you benefit?

The TWO REASONS clever people have knee replacement surgery overseas are


We know you're waiting in pain and understand that it's hard to work or keep up with normal daily tasks. Our average booking wait time for knee replacement surgery is less than 4 weeks. This allows both our medical travel team and your doctor to organise any necessary pre-travel health tests (bulk billable). Then we organise every part of the medical travel journey for you and your support partner. You will have someone by your side every step of the way!


Knee replacement surgery cost in Thailand is approximately 50% lower than that of the equivalent surgery with identical implants in Australia. Instead of the $25,000 - $30,000 price for knee replacement in Australia, the cost for complete medical travel packages in Thailand are only $14,000 - $15,000 INCLUDING flights, transfers, luxury accommodation and more. Everything is included in our competitively priced packages. We even offer weekly payment plans!


Local Australian orthopaedic surgeons do their best to help as many patients as they can in Australia. But with our rapidly aging population and overburdened waiting lists, they just can't keep up!

Book your knee replacement surgery in a large, modern international private hospital within as little as 2 weeks from today!

Knee replacement surgery in Thailand
7 key points you need to know!

We’ll expand on each one below:

Hospital accreditation
and comforts

Surgeon Training
and Experience

Quality of Knee
Replacement Implant

Low Risk of Infection
or Complication

Rehab After Knee
Replacement Surgery

Bringing Family and
Support Partners

What Happens
After I Return Home?

Here are the explanations

Hospital accreditation and comforts

All of our private hospitals for knee replacement surgery have been awarded JCI Accreditation. This is the gold standard for international hospitals worldwide. These are owned by huge international hospital companies, with one being the fourth largest in the world. As Thailand’s medical travel industry is worth over 6.5 Billion dollars every year, no expense is spared to make these hospitals safe and comfortable for medical travellers like yourself.

Our knee replacement patients have commented that the hospitals feel like luxury 5-Star hotels. They enjoy private ward rooms, skyline views, big flat-screen TV’s, and free WiFi to keep in touch with family at home. The hospitals are overstaffed with nurses who love their job, and a sponge bath or shampoo is just a call button away. Our patients enjoy healthy fresh meals every day from the Thai and International menu. You’ll even find a cafe and convenience store on the ground floor, and all surgeons and nurses speak fluent English.
More than 50% of our patients decide to use their knee replacement cost savings for extra dental and optical treatments once they arrive and see their hospital!

Surgeon Training and Experience

Every one of our surgeons is accredited by the Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Thailand. This is their national governing body, similar to the Australian Orthopaedic Association.

Like in Australia, it takes 12 years of education and training to become an orthopaedic surgeon in Thailand. After registration, every one of our surgeons has completed at least 3 overseas fellowships, where they travel to places like USA, France, UK, Japan, Singapore to update their skills with the world's leading surgical innovators.


We build long-lasting relationships with the very best Thai orthopaedic surgeons. This means your surgeon will have delivered fantastic knee replacement results for our Australian & New Zealand patients before you.

Since we’re so confident in the training and experience of our surgeons, we’d like to provide their full CV to you and your GP to discuss.

Quality of Knee Replacement Implant

Our Thai orthopaedic surgeons use the exact same implants as Australian and American surgeons. These include both the Zimmer and Depuy Synthes brands, which boast very strict and robust trialling methods.

We also have robotic navigation available, which ensures extra accuracy when placing the prosthetic implant. The best quality and technology is provided for our traveling patients, without affecting their knee replacement cost.

Low Risk of Infection or Complication

Every knee replacement surgery is a major surgery. After 5 years and hundreds of patients we’re glad to say our hospitals' infection rates are less than half the published world average of 2% for total knee replacement.

Knee replacement surgery can carry a small risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and older patients with underlying conditions are more prone than younger patients. Where required, your surgeon and cardiovascular specialist will explain how to take any necessary DVT precautions after your hospital discharge and on your flight home.

It’s important to understand that some underlying conditions can increase the risks associated with knee replacement - all of which are checked at home before you depart. Our team works with a range of highly trained hospital specialists in Thailand and your GP at home to coordinate all your pre-travel clearance tests and post-travel follow ups.


You can rest assured our team will assist you every step of the way to deliver a safe, dependable and comfortable experience you’ll want to tell your friends about.

Rehab After Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement patients are encouraged to start moving as soon as possible after their surgery. Alongside massage and continual passive motion (CPM) machines, our hospitals house advanced rehab centres where daily physiotherapy sessions help you back on your feet confidently again. Some of our hospitals even boast in-house hydrotherapy centres, where rehab exercises are performed in a weightless aquatic environment.

The instructors will supervise your exercises, and give you an easy-to-follow program for after you get home. Our patients are also encouraged to continue sessions with a local physio back in Australia. It’s our priority for you to get back to a healthy lifestyle and performing all of your daily tasks again with confidence and without pain!

Bringing Family and Support Partners

The thought of knee replacement surgery can be daunting. That’s why we make it easy to have the support you need by your side. Our first-class Thailand hospitals were designed for family and friends to stay within minutes of the patient at all times in the hospital’s in-house luxury Medi-Hotel. This provides a comfortable space to relax during the day, and get a good night’s sleep in a proper bed.

With features like on-site day spas, coffee shops, free wifi and nearby shopping centres, there’s plenty to keep your support partners entertained.


Almost half our patients choose to be independent travellers and not to take a support partner. Once they’re discharged from hospital, these patients are recommended to spend their 7 days recovery time upstairs in the hospital’s Medi-Hotel. Here, you’re still within the medical precinct and caring nurses are ready to assist with the press of a button. We also provide access to personal travel companions (Australian nurses) for the duration of your trip (additional fee).

What Happens After I Return Home?

This is the most frequently asked question from knee replacement patients considering overseas surgery. Prior to coming home, you’ll have a final consultation with your orthopaedic surgeon to ensure you’ve recovered well and are ready to travel.

It’s important to continue ongoing care once you arrive home in Australia. Once you're home, we'll recommend you check-in with your GP within the next 3 days, and that you take with you all the medical records provided to you by your surgeon and hospital. This will ensure no important details are missing, and you receive the best possible follow-up care. You should talk to your GP about continuing sessions with a good physio, and monitoring for any DVT. Of course, we remain the point of contact for you and your doctor into your recovery and rehabilitation, and we will follow up with you over the next 3, 6, 9 and 12 months (and as required).


Since 2016, over 95% of patients surveyed recommended us to family and friends, and the other 5% planned to!

What do our patients say?

“It’s wonderful here in Bangkok. I’m getting looked after very well. I’ve never had an operation before and am very happy with everyone helping. All good doctors, nurses, everyone is great!”

Michael, 62 (WA)

“I’m thrilled with my knee and have spoken to quite a few people here about your services…my story has become quite popular…I hope in the near future you [take care of some of our friends]…”

Nanette, 65 (QLD)

“When we first started [considering surgery] our hearts were in our mouths, having been let down by our health insurance provider…Not only do they work well as a team, they’re proficient, efficient and far more advanced here [at the Bangkok Hospital].”

Lynne, Patients Wife (WA)

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