Orthopaedic Surgery Overseas: Best Medical Travel Agents

Public surgery waiting lists are longer than ever in most states of Australia. As a result, patients are flocking to other countries to have their knee, hip and shoulder surgery performed when they want it.

Although anyone can organise surgery overseas by themselves, medical travel agents save patients time, money and stress.

A good medical travel agency books every part of your medical travel package. Medical travel packages typically include flights, accommodation and transfers to suit your surgical plan.

The best medical travel centres are run by doctors. Although a medical physician is not needed to book your medical travel package, a medical travel agent with a background in medical care can be invaluable.

While the majority of medical travel agencies are based overseas, there are a small handful of fantastic agencies in Australia.

The list below includes our picks for the best medical travel agents of 2017.

Best Medical Travel Agencies of 2017

World Orthopaedic Medical Travel Centre

Run by doctors of various backgrounds. Free Australian service for orthopaedic patients requiring knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery or shoulder reconstruction. World Orthopaedic (WO) works with some of Thailand and Germany’s largest orthopaedic centres and hospitals to serve more orthopaedic surgeries to local patients without health insurance.

WO organises every part of the process from Assessment, Booking and Confirmation. The team at World Orthopaedic books all flights, accommodation and transfers. Prices at World Orthopaedic are up to 15% lower than prices available directly with hospitals, hotels and airlines through their philanthropic free service model.

CosMediTour Medical Travel Centre

Another full-service medical travel agency able to organise all aspects of medical travel journey. Unlike World Orthopaedic, CosMeditour  (CMT) is a cosmetic and dental medical travel agent. CMT agents are able to book all flights, accommodation and transfers through to group tours and holidays.

CosMediTour is Australia’s largest cosmetic and dental travel agency with some of Thailand’s most prestigious plastic surgeons. CosMediTour is the number one agent for high-quality low-cost Breast Augmentations, Breast Reductions, Tummy Tucks, Rhynoplasty & full Mummy Makeovers overseas.

Bangkok Dental Club & Phuket Dental Club

Unlike traditional medical travel agents, the Bangkok and Phuket Dental Clubs provide discounts for patients wanting dental treatments in Thailand. Dental treatments on their own can be quite straight-forward to organise on your own through a reputable dental clinic. The Bangkok and Phuket Dental Clubs hand-pick their preferred dental clinics to ensure that Australians choose pre-approved dental clinics. The FREE club membership also provides patients with exclusive savings off of their already high quality procedures, making membership a must for all dental travellers.

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